How to organize a children’s birthday party

Choose a theme for the children’s party
Every party must have a theme. It can be the enchanted forest of fairy tales that children, princesses and fairies love so much for girls or monsters and super heroes for children.
Together with the birthday boy, decide how the setting should be and if there is a particular character who would like to use as the theme of the party. Alternatively, you can simply decorate a room with balloons, tablecloths, plates and colored glasses and have fun creating homemade decorations. A very nice idea, for example, is to build a pinata to hang and fill it with candies and chocolates. All the kids will have fun hitting it and breaking it to grab the content

How to organize the table
Remember that the important thing is to make sure that everything is within reach of a child. First divide the table of things to eat from the drinks table, arrange plates, glasses and napkins almost everywhere. Write the children’s names on the glasses or apply labels in a way and in this way they will not be wasted. Make large waste bins available to the guests so as not to leave used plates and napkins lying around.

What to bring to the table
In a children’s party there should be small sandwiches stuffed with cold cuts and cheese and scones or pizzas. Always choose small portions that are easier to handle while playing and avoid toothpicks and anything that could be dangerous for a child.

A bowl of popcorn will delight all the guests. To make all children happy you can also prepare single-portion bags so everyone will have their own. The same thing also applies to the biscuits and candies that can be served in a package with the name of each little guest, also as a gift to take home after the party.

In order not to serve drinks directly from bottles that are too large for a child to handle, you can buy single-portion fruit juices.