Children’s Birthday Parties: All you need!

Kids love birthday parties no matter where they are held. There are many reasons to celebrate your baby outside the home, let’s analyze them because many original ideas can be drawn from the place.

Most of the tips you will read should also be considered in light of whether it is a birthday party for a girl , or a birthday party for a boy Birthday party in the rooms equipped for parties

An increasingly popular trend is to celebrate children’s birthdays in spaces set up and dedicated exclusively to birthdays. Compared to the other ways of holding the party things change a lot and they can be of two types:

Birthday parties in the Playlands:

that is, equipped outdoor and indoor spaces where inflatables and playgrounds can be found and children aged 3 and up can play freely. The party lasts about 2 hours interspersed with a snack and a cake. The fittings, or festoons and balloons can be placed in the food area of ​​the Playland.

  • Birthday parties in the dedicated staging rooms with sets, characters and themed games:
  • in this case, fun is ensured by the quality of the set-ups that incorporate characters known by children, highlighting every detail. The immersion in the set theme is very suggestive and approaches the experience that is lived in large theme parks such as Gardaland and Disney.
  • For young children, the second solution is certainly more suitable as it is more involved and all this gives greater security and control.

Later we will talk about the Pinata as a game of a nice birthday party especially if it takes place in the months when the parties can also be organized in open spaces.

Celebrate your birthday at home

The birthday parties at home have a special flavor, a ‘more intimate atmosphere and the ability to create every detail and make sure the birthday boy feel more comfortable.

The classic birthday party at home has limits on the number of guests and the type of organization. The advantages, however, overcome these limitations, let’s see some of them:

  • The celebration festoons are simple, sometimes already available in practical customizable kits;
  • The cake can be the one prepared by the mother who can customize the ingredients taking into account the presence of intolerants or children suffering from allergies;
  • The birthday boy feels more casual because he is in a place he knows very well;
  • The time of the games is more flexible;
  • The parents of the guests are welcomed into the house and this is always a pleasure.
  • Certainly it is necessary to manage everything with certain precautions:

To optimize space, you need to move furniture and eliminate particularly delicate ornaments and decorative objects;

The supervision of children must be active perhaps with the help of an animator;