5 Essential Things You Should Teach In a Day Care Center

Day care perth centre can be deemed as a significant institution in terms of character building for the young minds. This may be because the child spends half his day at the centres while half at their homes. This is why the actions they witness and the people they meet leave a great impact on their growth. There are certain essential skills that the teachers at the centre must dictate and try to teach to these young kids. These skills may be termed essential as they help in bringing personal development to a child’s mind.


Growing up, one tends to realize the importance of friendships and caring relations that devote the effort and time for your happiness. The essence of these friendships lasts longer when they are made at such a young age because it is a strong foundational stage. When kids meet new people of their age, they tend to get social and talkative which is something that should be encouraged as it builds a confident character.

Sharing is caring

We have always heard this saying since we were kids. It has not left my side nor has it left any other child’s mind, as i would like to believe. This is because it was taught to us at a very young age and forced into our routines. This is an essential skill that must be taught to children at the daycare because it develops a sense of kindness and empathy in children.


In the society of mobile phones and computer screens, people have developed a habit of hiding behind their screens. This particular characteristic has shattered our confidence and forced our people skills down the drain. The act of confidence is further damaged when parents tend to do everything requested by the child, making them oblivious to the act of interacting. Teachers should instill the habit of making kids at the daycare centre ask and interact with both teachers and other kids.

Encourage curiosity

In the society of getting good grades, the thirst to acquire knowledge has long been forgotten. But with young minds who have not yet meddled with the outside environment, the art of curiosity can be introduced. Kids tend to have a pure insight with their imagination, their curious minds wander off to places one cannot even imagine and in such times, they should not be stopped or distracted but rather encouraged.

Reading skills

Another essential skill that must be taught at daycare centres is the art of reading. Reading generates an extension in the vocabulary and develops the mind with a greater perspective. The kids could utilize this skill in their later years where they could become prone to reading various books and articles.